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Lise told me I'd done the right thing in cutting the "poison" from my life, and I believed her. She seemed to be disapproving in some aspect, but I could not guess what she was expecting of me. She mostly just lay back, closed her eyes, and waited for me to finish.

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She was radiant and full of life, and I was unremarkable in every way possible. She thought I was arguing with her. Even now I felt dizzy, gazing at her.

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That smile was such a rare treasure. Things are going to be tight for a while, with Julien around. Somehow, in some way I could not identify, his mouth was even more beautiful. My eyes slid over to Lise, who was giving me one of her Looks - one I knew well.

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I went out for a sub," I admitted softly. We spent so much time embroiled in classes and papers and part-time jobs to pay tuition that we had to pack as much fun into our limited free time as we could manage - at least, that was Lisette the Beautiful's philosophy, and I would have agreed with nearly anything that came from her irresistible lips.

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