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The nuns there abused her a lot because of how different she looked and so she ran away at 8 and lived on the streets. Airsofters are also LARPers, And usually pay extortionate amounts of money for plastic guns which fire brightly coloured plastic pellets. Some Larpers, rather than turn 27, move out of their parents basement, and become a productive member of society decide that foam swords and face paint aren't hardcore enough and graduate on to "practice" what is now known of as "Historical European Martial Arts" where their years of online training and high functioning autism can let them argue IRL about the subtle uses of the Pflug guard while shit talking about those assholes upstate who use a different masters system.

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Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Log in. The circlejerk has spread to the Greek media, while even companies like the History Channel and the Discovery Channel have recruited them to provide re-enactments for documentaries. But, when they eventually days or weeks later grow tired of your faggotry, and your half-Vulcan chronic stoner can do naught but laugh as the USS Kickstart tears itself apart in an orgy of drama.

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A bunch of neo-pagan ultra-nationalist Greeks have started to re-enact well, sorta ancient Greek battle techniques. Even funnier is to take part in existing RP groups, where the sessions may have continued for months or even for a year, and the character backround stories are usually over 9000 pages long.

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