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I left again and returned with a crate that was about eight inches tall. I petted them, fed them some hay, and talked to them out of sheer boredom.

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Next, I slowly unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants. But I held back, trying not to be too eager. It was a young filly, probably around two years old. But I could feel the strange tingling in my crotch growing stronger as I stood looking at the young horse standing before me with her slit right there for the taking, and it began to burn in me to move towards her and touch her slit.

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I began losing awareness of the sounds around me as my concentration was heightened by her response to my mating her. Thoughts of being hurt by the horse or being caught in the act of having sex with an animal raced through my mind, and I thought the idea was crazy to try and mate with the filly.

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I stood a short distance from the filly and slowly stripped my shirt off. My dick was getting hard, and it strained to spring out of the confining jeans I had on.

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