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You have a great body. Phoebe quickly picked out several dildos, varying sizes of butt plugs, a whip, a collar and leash, wrist and ankle cuffs, nipple clamps, ball and dildo gags and chains to attach to Prue's piercings. She then began to perform an exotic belly dance. She bumped and weaved to the music in front of the man, who was quickly joined by three others, all with money in their hands.

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Phoebe and Prue went back into the mall, at this early hour there weren't very many people there, but it was a Saturday so there were a number of students there who were gathering and meeting so they could plan the rest of their day without their parents in the way. She kept watching them as a nerdy guy came up to the bar, the kind who couldn't score to save his life and the only way he'd ever see a naked woman would be to come to a place like this.

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